"Locals summer" and Photos from the Fosters Belmar Pro Am Surfing Competition.

I just recently heard the term "locals summer" -- It's where the shore locals get to enjoy the NJ beaches for free and partake in an amazing amount of great events without the "out-of-towners" (It's those "out-of-towners" that make the shore viable, like it or not).   

Back to "locals summer". I am blown away with the amount of things to do (and great photo ops) around NJ in September and October. This weekend kicked off with the Fosters Belmar Pro Am Surfing competition (see the photos below). On Sunday I made it to the Clearwater Festival in Long Branch (photos to follow). The purpose of this event is to raise awareness environmental issues, both local and global. Lots of vendors, speakers and great music. It also didn't hurt that we had great weekend weather. These were only two of a dozen events that happened this weekend. 

One of the reasons I stay on FB is to keep track of whats going on locally. If you happen to be in NJ check out the New Jersey Events page on Facebook. If you're not in NJ search and see if there are online local listings for "things to do".